Starting Out as a Model

Practically anyone can be a model. There is a demand for people of all shapes and sizes. Today, the modeling industry is more diverse than ever before. This has also increased the number of people who dream of one day making it as a model.

However, it is often tricky to know how to start out in this industry. The first step can often seem like the most difficult one to take. Luckily, there are several ways in which potential models can increase their chances of getting noticed. There are also handy modern tools which allow them to make money as they begin their new career.

Hostess Work

One of the most ideal ways to start is to get a job as a hostess. This involves directly interacting with patrons and ensuring that they have an enjoyable experience. It requires excellent communications skills and time management, as well as a friendly demeanor.

The casino industry is currently booming, and therefore worth looking into as a place for work. The rise of companies such as Unibet USA Casino shows that online gambling is going strong. Events and conferences focusing on this sector take place regularly. Hostess jobs may be available for people vigilant enough to look for them.

However, bricks and mortar casinos also bring in a high amount of revenue. Women can find long term hostess jobs at these establishments. Many high-end casinos have their own theme and staff are required to dress in costumes which reflect this. For instance, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the hostesses have been known to wear Roman outfits.


Sometimes a hostess has the power to give out complimentary services to preferred customers. These can include free meals and beverages, concert tickets and even accommodation. In the gambling industry, these “comps” are typically reserved for the high rollers. A hostess needs to develop relationships with long term gamblers so that they can determine the comps which are right for them.

Hostess work is not just about interpersonal skills. They also need to be good at maths. When issuing comps, they must work out how much money to invest in a patron, based on their theoretical gambling losses. This can be worked out using a range of factors, including how long they are at the tables and how much money they are likely to gamble with. Hostesses work for marketing managers who help them determine comps.

Developing an Online Presence

Another useful way of starting out as a model is raising your online profile. Today, women can make a fair amount of money if they become internet famous. One way of achieving this is by posting modeling shots to a dedicated profile.

It is worth hiring a professional photographer or learning how to edit pictures so that they fit the standards of the industry. A sloppy or amateurish picture can damage the overall image of a model. If these photos get shared by someone with a high number of followers, then it will reach more people. This, in turn, will hopefully increase the model’s follower list.

However, this will not generate income on its own. In between boosting their profile, the model may have to get a job. Hostess work is ideal as it allows the model to continue working on her long term goal of breaking into the industry. Alternatively, they can utilize crowdfunding sites.

These websites allow followers to directly pay the model in exchange for rewards. For instance, if they pay $1 each month, they could be given access to exclusive photos. The more they spend, the better the perk will be. Numerous internet celebrities have used crowdfunding to monetize their online presence.

Using Video as a Tool

While photos have always been the traditional method for models to spread awareness, video is becoming increasingly popular. Vloggers use their personality to keep viewers engaged. Make-up tutorials are a popular genre. This seems like a perfect tool for emerging models.

The big video sharing sites will pay vloggers to let adverts play during their videos. This is another useful way of making money while looking for modeling work. Sometimes brands will even ask vloggers to directly market their products for a fee.